#1: Lay Off the Coffee

Stimulants could very well be the downfall of any attempt to engage your intuition! Why? Because they speed you up and the attempt to receive higher guidance requires that you slow down!

From caffeine, energy drinks (like Red Bull and 5 hour energy), ephedrine and psuedoephedrine to cocaine, MDMA, and amphetamines - all of them are working to speed you up, which is in effect, suppressing your intuition. 

Diets high in sugar and chronic smoking do the same thing. None of these things in and of themselves are bad. Reliance on them, however, will work against you every time.

Start changing this habit immediately. 

#2: Ask

You'll never know until you ask. So many of us are walking around completely oblivious of our inner voice and intuitive abilities. We're caught up in the rat race, focused on survival, and striving for the cheese that we never seem to find - as we grab our cup of coffee on the way out the door.

When we slow down (see Tip #1) and take a breath, we begin to ask, "What is the point? What's it all for?" If we can stay in that moment for long enough, we'll begin to hear the answer.

And so, I challenge you to start asking for intuitive guidance. Will you immediately receive all the answers you seek? Probably not. Just as you didn't perfectly tie your shoes or ride a bike the first time you tried. Persistence is key to engaging your intuition. 

#3: Reconnect with Nature

The answers are blowing in the wind. They are found when your feet are planted firmly on the earth. They are heard in the the chirping of the birds and the whispers of the trees.

When was the last time you were outside just to be? Took a walk for the pure joy of it rather than to see how fast you could? Had a cup of herbal tea and watched the sun set or rise?

Just 15 minutes a day would help turn down the chaos of the world and the worries of your mind, allowing you to hear the messages from your heart.

#4: Try a Few Techniques

Pink Sphere - Dr. Kate Flynn
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Try an exercise, or 3, to get your intuitive juices flowing! The techniques to the right are from Activating Ascension.

The Pink Sphere meditation will help you clear out the intuitive cobwebs through visualization. The other 2 will do it through movement. We don't realize how much "stuff" gets stuck in our physical bodies and these techniques are a great way to clear it out.

The resistance shake will help you to surrender to the present moment and open to those messages that may be challenging to hear or heed. Increasing Intuitive Flow will help establish a starting place for the engagement of your intuition. 

Resistance Shake
Increasing Intuitive Flow

#5: Unplug and Get Quiet

This is the simplest and in theory the easiest of all the steps, and yet, quite possibly, the most challenging to do! Most of us have become one with our technology much more so than with our intuition or spiritual enlightenment.

Slowing down and being silent is one thing. Doing so without a screen is something entirely different. When was the last time you sat quietly without looking at your phone or tablet or without the distraction of the TV or radio?

Nothing works better for me than this when it comes to engaging my intuition. When I feel like I'm missing a piece to the puzzle of my understanding, I know that if I sit quietly and listen for that still, small voice within me, I will find the wisdom I seek.

Dr. Monday's Engage Your Intuition Testimonial

Now What?

As you can already see, setting the stage for engaging your intuition is probably simpler than you may have thought! I'll be sharing with you my personal experience in each of these areas over the next several days. 

Begin exploring these concepts now. Maybe, start a journal of your experiences. Then, get on the bus, hop on the train, or board the rocket ship and take your intuitive practice to the next level! Watch your confidence soar as you start living beyond the constraints of fear and begin truly opening to your potential.

Remember, everything is sacred. Everything has a purpose. Surrender to what is, so that you may create what will be.