Divine Awakenings Print Series

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16x20 Print:  $29
  • They are beautiful

  • All you have to do is look at them

  • They’ll add warmth and light

  • You’ll release more emotional stress and tension


Look deeply into my eyes and release your limitations. Allow the tragedy that you’ve experienced to be rewritten. Underneath the chaos, hurt, and fear, lies a whole new world of love, peace, and faith. Let me help move you through the discomfort and into the truth of who you are – a living, breathing, and magical being.

There exists a reality beyond space and time, unlimited by the restrictions of the human experience. Gaze into my eyes, engage in the mystery, and allow your consciousness to evolve. Be open to receive and all that you need will be given. Ancient wisdom will be encoded into the fibers of your being. Be in union with all that is and allow currents of light to flow through you.

Rewriting Tragedy
16x20 Print:  $29
Evolving Consciousness
16x20 Print:  $29
Infinite Abundance
16x20 Print:  $29

Dance in the light of love and fall deeper into connection. All that you desire is available in infinite abundance, lack and scarcity are a lie. Move in the flow and all of this for yourself you will know. You cannot force your way through, you can not escape the truth. When you surrender, the universe takes up on your behalf.

  • Are coded in light language

  • Speak directly to your hear

  • Are subtle, allowing for ease and grace

  • Will help you see the world as a safer and more wonderful place