Lack of Trust

Choose one or two from the following techniques to prime your ability to trust yourself and the world around you.

1. Listen to the Opening Sequence to help you quiet your ego and amplify the wisdom from your heart

opening sequence

3. Use the following sacred geometry sequence. Surround yourself with the first shape and then imagine each morphing into the next.

Hexagon, sphere, intersecting trapezoids (however this looks to you), heart, pyramid

Repeat this pattern a minimum of three times, as often as possible.

4. Imagine white light flowing through your arteries and veins for two minutes, twice per day.

5. Imagine white light flowing through your arteries and veins for two minutes, twice per day.

6. Move an infinity symbol through each of your knees for 45 seconds, twice per day.

7. Before going to sleep, reframe daily experiences through your heart center, releasing all judgment, in a journal. In other words, record them from the perspective of your heart, rather than your ego.

8. Say the following number activation sequence to further activate your third eye chakra:

279182 79172 6957921 101

Remember to include any additional numbers that are specifically for you. Repeat this sequence twelve times, daily, for two weeks.

2. Use the following Number Activation Sequence in combination with the Trust Meditation Card:

Say these numbers first: 279819279 61799287 111 000 8 2971

Then breathe the image in for 5-7 breaths, read the description, then breathe it in for another 5-7 breaths.

Trust: The purple diamonds represent all needed to learn and grow. They are available in abundance. Trust that you have enough of what you need. Trust that you are worthy and safe. Trust that the people brought into your life have come to assist you in your journey. Stay in the present moment with an open heart.

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