Discernment is key to claim your freedom from the inhibitory affects of memes.

Take each meme, belief, or opinion into your heart. The list included in the manual is not comprehensive. Consider others by which you may be affected.

One meme at a time, ask yourself, “Is this true for me?”

Focus your attention on how your body responds to the meme. When you repeat the statement, does it open and expand your heart, or does it cause your heart to close and allow fear to rise.

Statements that are true will cause your heart to open and expand. Statements that are false will cause the opposite reaction.

For each false statement that causes your heart to close and contract do one or more of the following to free yourself from its influence. Repeat it each day until it no longer feels like it belongs to you.

1. Meditate on the Falsity Meditation Card provided bleow. Breathe it in for 5-7 breaths, read the description, then breathe it in for another 5-7 breaths.

Falsity: This pertains to the illusion of duality and polarity. Separation vs unity. Right vs wrong. Sameness vs difference. Good vs evil. Allow the illusions in your life to come to awareness and see them with a new perspective. Life is experienced through contrast. In truth, there is no difference. No label. No judgement. No condemnation. Only love. Bask in that love now.

If you'd like to know more about these cards, click here.


2. Think about each meme one at a time as a tangible object lodged somewhere in your physical being. Where is it? What does it feel like? What does it look like? How big or dense is it?

Fill whatever you find with love and gratitude for all it's done for you up to this point. Notice any changes that effects.

If it's still there, fill it with a color, shape, sound, or some combination thereof. Notice any changes that effects.

If it's still there, become aware of any cords or threads of light that hold it bound to you. Use the blue-violet flame from your assistance and burn through whatever you find. Allow those connections to be transmuted in light and love as your assistance scoops up anything that remains and removes it from you.

If it's still there, repeat the above process daily for several more days.

If it's still there after that, enlist the help of an intuitive healer.

3. Release with Prayer: Focus your attention on the memes you would like to release. Notice where you hold themand any physical symptoms that are triggered when you think about them.

Pain, achiness, or sudden awareness of stiffness may indicate areas where memes have become imbedded. Other sensations may also act as indicators.

If no awareness is experienced, they may be stored somewhere in your auric field, rather than in your physical body. Where in your field can you feel, or otherwise identify, them?

Say a prayer to release them and use intention to release them to your Higher Power. Place each meme into a bubble. When you feel as though you've freed them all, bring them togehter over your heart and merge all of the bubbles into one.

Release the bubble up to Source and know that the lessons held in the bubble have been learned and never need be created again.

Breathe deeply for a few minutes after your prayer to continue releasing resistance and to claim freedom from the bubble and all it represented.