In theory, the easiest way to reduce the impact of sugar on your ability to engage your intuition is to significantly reduce your consumption of it. However, if you have a true sugar addiction, you may find that difficult to do. For this reason, I've included three additional recommendations to help you release the addiction. Pick the one that feels best to you to supplement your efforts to reduce intake.

1. Reduce Intake: Make small reductions over time for lasting changes and to mitigate any withdrawal symptoms you may experience. For example, if you currently drink four bottles of soda per day, reduce consumption to two bottles per day for two weeks. Then, reduce it to one bottle per day for two more weeks. Transition to one bottle per day and then one every other day, until you are able to completely eliminate it.

Do not replace it with sugar from another source. Drink more water, green and herbal teas, and healthy fermented beverages instead. Then, consider other sources of sugar and repeat.

Start with the biggest source in your diet and eliminate them one by one, until you are consuming less than 50 grams per day.

2. Meditate on the Unmask Addictions Meditation Card provided bleow. Breathe it in for 5-7 breaths, read the description, then breathe it in for another 5-7 breaths.

Unmask Addictions:

Addictions are the ego’s solution to fill the void when spiritual connections and relationships are constricted. What fills this void for you? Sex, money, drugs, food, the need to be right, control, playing the victim, living irresponsibly? Acknowledgement is the first step to freedom.

If you'd like to know more about these cards, click here.


3. Create a Sweetness Routine: The need for sugar is often driven by a lack of sweetness. Instead of trying to get the sweetness you desire from your diet, choose a few of the following and create your very own sweetness of life routine. Have other ideas? Add them!

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4. Freedom from Addiction: I share this technique in Activating Ascension and use it in my Private Practice. Complete it every day for two weeks.

Begin by listening for a personalized number activation sequence. Use a color, shape, or sound to transmute any resistance to releasing your addiction to sugar. Imagine yourself in the center of a fully-opened crystal rose. Fill your heart with red light, your throat with blue light, and your head with pink light. Breathe deeply and infuse your being with compassion.

Allow conscious awareness of the very first time you became addicted to sugar, to rise from heart-centered space.

Watch as all relevant images, thoughts, and words materialize and trust that you are seeing exactly what you need to see. Imagine a portal opening up that will transport you back in time to the moment right before you first used sugar as a means to escape.

Connect through your heart to that version of yourself and pour white light into him or her. As both of you are filled with the light of Divine love, ask this former version of yourself what he or she needs to feel whole.

Unconditional love, acceptance, approval, compassion and connection are all possibilities.

Fill them with what they need until any desire for sugar is gone. Once all that may be given has been received, come back through the portal and return to the present moment.